About Us


I'm Caroline and I  have been teaching group fitness since 2008 and my passion for helping others move more, feel better and have fun just keeps getting stronger! I believe that fitness should be fun and enjoyable and everyone can find something they enjoy enough to stick to.  My participant’s describe me as energetic, fun driven and motivating and I cannot wait to bring you the CAshFitness experience.


Fitness isn't just about what it can do for your body,  although its undeniable that having a fitter body helps you to function better day to day.  Fitness is also great for the mind. It helps you to concentrate for longer, can help to fight against mental illnesses like depression and anxiety and generally makes you feel great! This is why I want to help more people move more, feel better and have fun!  

I am happy to say that I have been nominated for Fitness Instructor of the Year (South East) in the Community Fitness Awards and was a finalist in 2020 and I have been nominated again in 2021 as well as also receiving a nominaton for Trainer of the Year in the Fit and Well awards 2021. I am also lucky enough to be a Presenter for UK Fitness conventions like FitCamps.